Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Sun is Shining

The sun is shining, the temperature is up, Sable is getting used to her new home and things are good. We are blessed.

Two children are back to work after medical procedures and the three new grandchildren are growing well. I can't wait to meet them this summer but satisfied just watching them grow with their mothers right now. Grand nephew is expected too so it looks to be an exciting year!

Today is Right to Life day. I was listening to the rally in our nation's capital via listen live feature. That announcer named Doug on EWTN who sounds like Bill O'Reilly was doing a good job and I heard from some of my friend's families being interviewed. They are from one our top agricultural counties, Mercer County Ohio, home of many good German Catholic farmers and descendants.

Hard to believe that 40,000 lives are snuffed out each day "legally" in our country thanks to a bill passed in my youth in the 60's. The millions of souls sent back to heaven in man's time is astronomical and unbelieveable. Yet we recall the terrible Halocaust and war and disaster and even accidents down the road.

We wonder why we have so many problems when the cause is us. America needs a good look in the mirror and I think the picture isn't going to be pretty.

Enough of the negativity, that stuff gets me down. Hard to concentrate on farming and business though when there is so much more important things going on.

A poster on admitted he has a problem with depression and lots of farmers came out of the woodwork to share, to help and give hope. I immeadiately thought about all the farmers I know of who took their own lives because they just couldn't handle life anymore.

You can't run a business, you can't be sociable, you are miserable to be around, you can't even run your own life properly if you are depressed. I have seen it in most families and how they try to struggle with it. The family can struggle, the partners can leave but no one can help the depressed person until they seek to help themselves.

I have referred more than one good friend or stranger for medical help and I will do it again. I guess we can't talk business until we can talk on the same page. Sick people can't do that and depression is a treatable illness. Get Help!

See, even I couldn't change the subject. When one is hurting, caring people can't get it off their mind, just like the one hurting. Well, at least I can't.

Our prayer list is huge, just from NewAgTalk alone. I have family with disease, friends and family with problems, the list goes on and on.

If you are having these problems, my prayers are with you.

The sun is so bright right now I can't help but smile.

Have a better one,

Ed Winkle

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