Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sable is Home

Remember the first day you brought home your new dog? Sable came home today.

We picked her up at the breeder's after church. Her father is Haus Von Fasanlauf and her mother is Heidi Von Koch II. What do you like better, Sable Von HyMark or Sable Von Winkle? Winkle is definitely German, pronounced Vinckel.

LuAnn bought a cage to house a monster like Haus or Hoss like her dad. Good thing, she is going to fill it up quickly!

She is very attentive and is learning quickly. I think she will make a great dog.

Like all of us, she had a cold week outside with her siblings. The black male sold yesterday so only the black female sister is left in the pen. I am sure someone will buy that dog because they have good breeding and aren't charging that much in this bad economy.

Empty nesters have a new baby. This one with 4 legs not quite as busy as the ones with two!

Madison and Brynne and their cousins Zach and Cameron came to meet Sable and just left. Now Tara and Erik are here so it is almost dinner time.

Turkey tetrazinni anyone? Not sure if I spelled that correctly, need to learn to use the spellcheck on Google's BogSpot and start checking my posts a little closer. I see some mistakes.

Thanks for all the email on the last and previous posts and keep the comments and email coming!

Another question for you, do you like links or not? The wife says use less links so I never used any in this post, personally I love links to learn and see what the writer is thinking and referring to.

Here is hoping for a much warmer week for all of us!

Got my new QST magazine in the mail while I was gone so 73 to all of you. That means Best Regards in voice or Morse Code.

Ed Winkle


  1. I have to comment on the new puppy. Years I go I had to put down the faithful family dog. I was in the middle of hay season. The lady who I was cutting hay for bred German shepherds. She felt so bad about me losing my dog that she gave me a female with a bent ear. I named her Laika after the dog who went to space. Her bloodline was Austrian and she came from a long line of tracking dogs. She was incredibly smart and fast. It was amazing to watch her learn to track.
    However, she decided to chew up some hard plastic and died from it. But I was hooked on Shepherds.
    Next, someone gave me a female shepherd rescued from a breeding facility. The shepherd was too uptight to breed. That was an incredibly loyal dog who was kind of insane. Once I was tuning up a motorcyle on the highway in font of the farm. I took off and lost my hat. She stood in the middle of the road and guarded my hat. Would not let any cars go by my hat. Amazing! Anyway good luck with the puppy.

  2. Well Budd she has already won my heart but I can't get anything done. She already hates the cage and her big claws, and I mean BIG ripped the screen door that is nearly 40 years old. So it is with new dogs. Thanks for the story...