Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

Can you remember when your mom came in and said Snow Day or school has been called off? I vaguely remember but I do remember it being like Christmas. Lots of snow and being able to stay home was a special day like Christmas!

We have that today in southwest Ohio. The schools are all closed which means two of the boys are at home giving them a day to work around the house and play with their kids. I also remember enjoying that as a teacher. People joke about the teachers wanting the snow day more than the mom's who had to watch the kids and change their routine.

So today the new washing machine probably isn't coming, got to call off the meeting with the crop insurance agent and local sales agronomist and back to the paperwork! Add the burden of keeping the stoves going and breaking in the new puppy Sable, it doesn't have its magical connotation as it did when I was a kid!

The guys who have to get their January grain contracts filled and delivered sure aren't enjoying this snow day, either! Trying to start machinery and clean drives in this weather makes you happy if you don't have to and dread it, at least a little, if you do!

I bet Kroger's was busy last night, I know Brown's and Marathon were as people were picking up necessities to prepare for the Winter Storm Advisory they posted all day yesterday. They is NOAA and they have a station right up the road on SR 138 beside the now defunct DHL hub.

Wish I had gotten another load of wood in the pickup yesterday but was satisfied with a dental checkup, haircut and all of the apple trees cleaned up after Hurricane Ike hit September 15. The wreckage of storms seems to hang on a long time and now you wonder what all I will have to repair after this one?

This one is just a snow and will melt away. A wind storm leaves its wreakage a lot longer. We just got all the barn doors and roofs repaired from the last one on.

That storm blew so much corn down farmers who plant RR corn and RR beans are trying to figure out how they will handle RR volunteer corn in their RR beans. Throw in the increased volume of conventional soybeans this year and you have another pickle to deal with!

Oh, it will all work out in the wash. I will be glad when we can wash clothes again and it doesn't look like that will happen today! Funny how we take routine for granted and have to rethink what we do when we have a Snow Day!

Have fun trying to deal with it if you do, good day to fire up the old snowmobile and go riding across the fields! Ooops, I wonder what all has to be done to get that thing running too!

Have a great day,

Ed Winkle

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