Monday, February 9, 2015

Shut The Barn Door!

We just got the you-know-what scared out of us.  We were both in a deep sleep when her cell phone rang.  It never rings at night unless there is an emergency.  LuAnn looked at her phone and said it's the Sheriff's Office.  That can only mean one thing at 2 am and it's not good.

A young deputy was cruising our barnyard, which she had requested for safety when I was in the hospital and saw two barn doors open.  He looked around but didn't know what might be missing.  He asked if we would meet him at the barn which is VERY unusual.  We got our coats on finally and by that time he was standing on the porch.  We had left one open getting wood out of the 1870's barn and the other had blown open after loading out corn last week.

We had a nice exchange and updated each other on activity.  He said there were break ins nearby and we knew he was just doing his job.  Now I could have gotten real mad for being awoken on a night I could finally sleep but I admired the young officer and told him so.  The worst thing is LuAnn getting woken because she needs every ounce of sleep she can muster.

Sable got a compliment because he said he called back to have us come look because he knew we had a German Shepherd!  I told him we haven't seen any activity but was glad he checked with us.  We had smartly locked Sable in the utility room before opening the door so there wouldn't be a big bark out and possibly shots fired!

Here I sit in the middle of the night again but this time I am thinking I have to get 3 entrance doors replaced.  They all can blow open and probably did the other night in the howling winds.  The are few of things we haven't replaced since 2004.  We have replaced and repaired every other door on this farm.

How many people have this kind of police protection?  We know them and they know us.  They have kept this place safe during all of our travels in 11 years and we have been gone up to 60 days per year.

Hat's off to the Clinton County Sheriff's Office for watching out for us and the whole county.  We know they are under a lot of duress all the time and thankful to have good people to work with.

I turned EWTN TV on so maybe I can get back to sleep.

I hope you are enjoying a good sleep at 2 AM.  It's cooling off but still near 50 degrees on this February night which has been unusual, too.

Ed Winkle


  1. Thank you friends, I can't do this without your help.

    "I liked your blog,
    Shut The Barn Door!
    This entire town has been taken under the Sheriff's wing.
    Some months ago our Chief ( the entire city police force) was killed on duty. Our Sheriff says not to get in a big rush as we are part of the county and they will keep an eye out for us. The Sheriff himself parks his Police car at a school crossing to keep an eye on the 20 kids who have to cross there.
    The City Council is happy because the city without a city cop actually has more money this way.
    Our Police actually wrote fewer tickets than is the norm, and the County Judge does not give as much slack as our City Judge did. Our Cop would call a Truckers Home Office and report speeding &c to the Home office and tell the Dispatcher to warn that driver, next time it will take 2 hours to write the ticket.

    My neighbor was on a Life Alert system. About once a year he would activate the system in his sleep. I would walk over and open the house and check his health. Another time the Volunteer EMS was there before I got there.

    I should add our Sheriff attended the local school. You know the NAT Picture has a Revolver with Wrong House engraved on the muzzle. A crook was robbing a house right next to the Sheriff's house. Idiot ran out of gas leaving their yard and walked to the Sheriff looking for some gasoline. Wrong House.

    Get Well"

    Yes I don't like staring down that revolver on our friend's post but I am sure he put it there for a reason. I wouldn't want to wake him at 2 am!

    1. Unsure if our deputies would do as much as yours Ed. Good to hear you have some good ones there.
      I have wanted to put a sign near our door, but my wife will not leave me.

      WE DON'T CALL 911 !