Thursday, February 19, 2015


This winter has been a record breaker for the East Coast and we are close enough that it's been real challenging here, too.  It doesn't help when you are struggling to get better health wise.

We have to get to the city tomorrow and neither one of us are looking forward to venturing out in this weather.  Traffic was a mess all over Cincinnati yesterday and we sure don't want to get involved in that.

It was minus 6 degrees this morning when I got up to keep the stoves going.  We have burned a porch full of wood and two tons of pellets along with the propane furnace just to keep the old house to 70 degrees.  That's basically since January 4, too, though we burned a bit in that cold snap in November.  We've done well but there is never an idle moment for me except to sleep.  I have been sleeping to 6 AM once more so that's worth more to my sanity than stoking the stoves in the middle of the night.

We've had enough Alberta Clipper's to last me a life time.  They just keep coming and coming, cold air direct from the North Pole.  We are breaking several temperature records this week with enough snow to cause problems.  When it snows at zero or ten degrees here, it is really cold and that is really unusual.

I always think of the livestock farmers and anyone who works outside when the weather gets like this.  These people go way beyond the call of duty to keep us fed and keep life going.  I was never cut out for that kind of work and sure couldn't do it today.

How do Canadians take it?  What we have here would be warm weather to them!  I am sure glad I wasn't born there but you probably wouldn't know the difference if you were.  I think about those places we visited along the Trans Canada Highway in August 2012 and know it's darned cold there now.

Some scientists think we are entering a hundred year cold spell but I won't be around to see it.  If I am sitting here this time next year, kick me in the rear end because I don't want to go through this again.  I can't walk outdoors like you can in Arizona and that's where we ought to be.  At least we could see Tom(LuAnn's brother) and that would be good for both of us.  He is hanging in there and doing well and his cancer story is 14 months long now.  I hope we both make it.

How are you doing?  This has been rough on everyone east of the Mississippi.  Seattle looked beautiful this morning on the news.  I could handle their weather right now, too.

Somethings got to change and it's up to us to change it.  If I am here next year I hope I am not sitting right here, that's for sure.

Ed Winkle


  1. I hope that you and the missus have headed below the Mason-Dixon far enough next winter to find some warmer weather. Even 32 in Florida beats below zero up here.

  2. Yes, Gorges, this is a little too cold for a worn out sick man.

  3. Ouch, -6°F, that would be -21°C over there. We had a bit of frost overnight, but that was it. I even put the lemongrass outside all day long, it was warm and sunny.

    The "biggest farm of France" opens its doors on Saturday:
    I won't be in Paris, but I hope to see some reports.

    There was a big report on European/French organic farming released yesterday. France in #3 in acreage (5.5% of all its farmland) behind Spain and Italy, it was a 10% growth market last year, 88% of the population ate organic occasionally last year, 60% regularly.

  4. It was minus 12 this morning! Enough of this already! Going to warm up enough to snow heavily tonight! No warming trend in sight yet, still roaring down from The North Pole through Siberia and Alberta!