Friday, February 27, 2015

Bird Agronomics

You've heard me mention my friend Leon Bird here on HyMark High Spots many times.  I thought I would direct you to his latest venture, Bird Agronomics.  It's a pretty interesting website with lots of information on it.  I am interested in every product discussed on his website as it is all cutting edge technology.  Inoculation is important to the farmer and the gardener and so are cover crops.

Leon just had both knees replaced so we call to check up on each other.  He has been a good friend for over 20 years.  He is the most honest, humble man I've dealt with and I enjoy talking to him.  We say more in 5 minutes than other conversations converse in an hour.  We are on the same level, though he has a mind for numbers and statistics far beyond my capabilities.

He taught me all about hybrid seed corn and the seed corn industry in the early 90's.  It changed the way I look at seed.  I look for quality as much as I look at pedigree.  Quality is so important and often overlooked.  A problem with the big companies is they are so big and handle so much seed, the dollar can become more important than the seed.The larger the quantity, the larger the chance for error and do they ever make errors.

The small company cannot afford to do that.  They have to pay close attention to quality and follow through on every sale.  One bad comment on the Internet could ruin a year's sales.  Leon has never had to worry about that and one time someone asked about Leon on Crop Talk and about 20 guys gave him more praise than I ever heard one man given on Crop Talk.

I miss the old Bird Hybrid signs pictured above. Now I have signs in the barn that are no longer up to date.   He sold his seed corn business to Mark Denzler in Indiana and that became 1st Choice Seeds.  That farm where the sign was became my favorite corn crop of all time and I still show pictures of it on Ag Talk when we are talking about what good corn should look like.

The reason I mention Leon today is a friend from Nebraska asked me who to buy inoculant from and I recommended Leon.  He will make sure my friend gets fresh product that can be stored cool to keep every "bug" alive in the inoculant.

If you need any of the products listed on his website, you already know I highly recommend you deal with Leon.  He has helped some of my Crop Talk friends immensely and helped change the way they farm.  From corn to cabbage, Leon has helped many farmers.  I have no doubt his products will increase your return on investment in this very tight year.  I have 20 years of experience to prove that.

You might want to be the next one.


Ed Winkle

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