Sunday, February 15, 2015

Native American Hospitality

Our friend Fred Shaw or Neeake posted these items of Native American hospitality that go along with how many of us were raised.

If the lodge door is open one may enter directly but if the door is closed one should announce their presence and wait for the  invitation to enter.

Follow the customs of the lodge and not one’s own. Remember to “follow the rules of the house” not necessarily the territory.

Accept any food offered.

Be grateful for any and all offers from the host.

Bestow great respect to the Woman of the lodge as she is the keeper of the flame.

Compliment the host.

Give thanks to The Creator for hospitality.

Never worry host with guest troubles.

Present the host with a gift.

Repay calls of courtesy and do not delay in communication.

I think if we all practiced more of these common sense hospitalities, the world would be a whole lot better off!  This list is pretty common sense to me over a lifetime of being a guest and entertaining them.

I've enjoyed hosting guests the past two months, though it's been a lot of work for LuAnn.  Our guests practice this list to the fullest and make us thankful for them.

We have Sable and the sheriff for those who don't want to act that way and fortunately we have not needed either!


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