Sunday, November 16, 2014

Troubled Souls

I mentioned the words "troubled souls" one Sunday.  Kevin asked how do we console "troubled souls?"  That got my wheels turning and I sent him two broad search links on the topic.  What did Jesus teach us about tragedy?

First of all I have to be spiritually fit to even consider such ideas.  I do that by praying for God's Will for me all day and praying for the same for all people I come across who are troubled or might not be in the right place during the day.  Those people are all around us and the more spiritually fit I am the more I recognize it and can turn it over to God, who has the final say.

Still I have to do what I can do.  Readings and meditation have become part of our daily ritual.  That gets our mind off us and helps us be ready to do God's Will each day.  It is uncommon for us to not find something we read happen that day or soon after.  The readings help us understand what to do and not be focused on ourselves.

Meditation is hard for some people.  I must do it every day.  Our fellowship was discussing this one Sunday and some said counting their breathing helps them to clear the fog in our minds.  One mentioned he couldn't even county 20 breaths when he started this technique.  The first time I tried it I made it to 60 fairly easily.  That made me feel maybe I am not so crazy and self focused myself although I often catch myself in it.

Our prayer list is long.  We have and have had a lot of tragedy all around us this year.  We can't let it get us down.  We must work through it.

Our daily readings, meditation, and practicing the principles taught the past 2014 years help us do our work.

Is there tragedy in your life?  Do you know a troubled soul?

Ed Winkle


  1. Excellent thoughts for a Sunday morning at the end of harvest. Keep up the good work.

    Ron Swanson

  2. Thanks, Ron, blessings to you and your family.

    This is something we must deal with, especially as our friends and family age.