Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Liam

We drove to Cleveland for Liam's ninth birthday.  Liam is our oldest grandson and we don't know where those nine years went.  We remember staying at Top Sail Island in North Carolina when he was born this day while his dad was serving in the Marines.

We took the oldest three to see Alexander's Really Bad Day and just had a blast all day yesterday.  We are really silly and joking and rhyming when we are together.  Finn's new saying is Oh For The Love Of Winkle's!

I was overly anxious about driving up there and back after we listened to Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel.  They were predicting their usual doom and gloom and we really didn't have a problem except for getting back to their house from the theater.  We had to drive five miles on I-480 that seemed to take an hour with rush hour traffic.  We were safe and that is all that mattered.

Deidre really liked her Little People horse track deal we gave her for her present, thanks to LuAnn, my super shopper.  Becky put it together because I don't have the patience and we played and played with it.  It's pretty cool how the princess rides down the track on a horse clippety clop.

We can never stay very long because of our duties but we always stay over night because it takes 4 hours usually just to get there.  Liam had a super birthday party today and we were able to get home after visiting with uncle Roy and grandson Tyler on the way home.  We even got to watch the Buckeye's play Minnesota at Roy's and Eric's until they won the game.  It was a pretty good weekend.

Only the Lake has snow and the rest of the state was dry and harvesting the last fields of corn and soybeans.  There are several fields of corn left and a few fields of soybeans but we are finally getting to the end of this harvest.

We are thankful for all we have, a good harvest, sons and daughters who make us proud and their sons and daughters we just adore.

We are very blessed.

Ed Winkle

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