Monday, November 10, 2014

Get Your Diesels Ready

Get your diesel engines ready for the cold, that is.  Farmdude listed these good tips:

"Probably a good idea if your diesel fuel is not treated for cold weather to do so now before it gets cold. I just put my winter additive in the fuel an changed filters. Everything should be in the system by next week.

Also a good idea to add some more pressure to your tires. For every 10degree drop in temp you loose about 1 pound off pressure in your tires. I added about 5 lbs to everything. Change your hydraulic fluids an filter for things your going to use in very cold weather. Most hydraulic issues show up I cold weather due to lack off maintenance.

Maybe put some new windshield wipers on now before bad weather sets in is a good idea also. Check everything out that might freeze an make sure its winterized. Sprayers come to mind. Don't forget the small ATV ones either. Outside water faucets on houses. Hoses. If you have chemicals that might freeze store them in an are above freezing. Were done picking corn so I am going take some corn out off each bin to make sure everything works. Better to fix now when its warm then when its cold. Check your block heater to make sure they work safely. Check connections from the cord to the heater an make sure the end off the cord is in good shape. Check to see if corrosion is on the terminals. If in doubt about the cord just get a new one to be safe. Hope everyone stays safe this fall an winter."

How many tips have I missed?  I have been behind all year after the planting was done.  It seems there was never enough time in the day to get everything that needed to be done all year.

I got further behind this fall.  Harvest 3 weeks late because of rain and now it is almost Thanksgiving and we are not quite done yet.  That big storm that came across the Pacific is about to hit us next weekend and I don't know many people who are ready for it.

I really need to get my straw barriers up before the cold hits.

What do you have left to get done?


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