Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fifty Famous Farmers

In my research of Mr. Leaming, I learned he was cited as one of the Fifty Famous Farmers.  It is quite a list of agriculturists from the 1800's.

Take a look at the list.  I have read these names and heard some of their stories over my lifetime.  Now the importance of this list is finally starting to sink in.  When I was a young student, they just seemed like boring history.  Now I see how what they did impacts you and I today.

The story I shared on Jacob Spicer Leaming led me to this list.  I can see now what an accomplishment Jacob found near our farm.  He was gifted at genetic selection before hybrids became popular.  The varieties of corn he found has helped my production here 150 years later and I can finally see it.

What else have these 50 famous farmers found that make us not dependent on our own hands for our food today?

If you read the links you find famous agriculturists from Babcock and DeLeval, famous for their work in milk to Jacob Leaming who found good seed lines we still see today in modern corn.  They all made our lives easier and better.

When I was in grade school, I remember Eli Whitney and the cotton gin but not many agricultural scientists.  George Washington Carver was one of the few.  I remember James Watt and the steam engine and that is about it.

Mr. Leaming is my favorite famous farmer from this list.

Which one is your favorite?

Ed Winkle

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