Friday, March 9, 2012


I take what I write pretty seriously. I like to have fun like everyone else and some people have the talent for humor and light heartedness. Somedays I am more so than others, but I take my blog pretty seriously. Blogging is a responsibility to me.

Thanks to Google, NewAgTalk, and now FaceBook and Twitter, more and more people read what I write. The most difficult thing about blogging for me is to find a subject I am passionate about every day. 365 days a year is a lot of passion but I have been able to accomplish that for three years.

Today this blog is featured on FarmnWife's Blog. She invited me to answer a few simple questions about myself a week ago and it is published today. You can read it here.

Thanks to Judi and all of you readers for getting the word out to obtain this recognition. I wrote the blogs, you read them and you spread the word. I thank you for that.

Keep sending me questions, ideas, comments and email. I try to answer every question I receive because if you have that question, someone else in the world has it, too.

I consider myself a pretty average person, no better or worse than you but I have never met an average person in my life. Each is a distinct creation with gifts and talents and tales and experiences. Meld them all together and you get a picture of a very interesting person.

My blog arose from my passion from teaching agriculture, farming and helping others. That is what I am here for. So, keep reading, asking and making HyMark High Spots a well known agriculture blog. You don't have to agree with me but if you take time to read it and comment, we both can learn from the experience.

For me, that makes blogging gratifying.

Ed Winkle

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