Monday, March 5, 2012


I just deleted another five robocalls off the answering machine. No wonder everyone has lost interest in political races, even this important one coming up. I sent this piece to LuAnn and she said "I regret that I am a bit like some of the comments that basically say….we have been broadcast to death by these folks….has it brought jobs? No."

Ohio is a Super Tuesday state with the second most delegates available behind Georgia. I voted early before the polls closed Friday here at 6 p.m. LuAnn will vote in Martinsville tomorrow on the way to work. We are never so complacent we don't vote because every time I hear of a soldier hurt or lost, I have to vote. I just have to.

I supported Mike Huckabee last year. I really like the man and wish he was president now. He was in town Friday for the taping of his third show on the Republican Primary, this one on jobs.

It was appropriate he come to Ohio and to Wilmington to talk about jobs. We are still hurting from the loss of DHL and the 9000 jobs there and the huge rollover effect it has on our 3 little rural counties of Clinton, Highland, and Fayette and even neighboring counties.

None of the candidates made a personal appearance that I know of. They blew in, taped the show and blew out. Ron Paul didn't even take the time to come to Wilmington.

The program is running on FOX News and was first aired Saturday evening at 8 p.m. Just the beginning of the show alone reveals the enormous loss of a like-new $300 million dollar facility sitting empty. DHL invested $3 billion in improvements before closing it. It's beyond understanding but gives a clue of how tough economic times are in the United States compared to 2007. I encourage you to at least watch the beginning of the program.

The interview went well too but it really was the same old questions and the same old answers. The candidates look tired. Maybe this is not the way to elect a president. There were a couple of twists though from the locals asking questions and I thought it shed light on the best candidate.

LuAnn's right though, they have beat this thing into the ground. I will just be happy when the TV commercials and robocalls stop. It's more fun watching tulips blooming.



  1. Not really $300B, this Ohio governor was mad.
    DHL bought Airborne Express for $1.05B, and that included all their assets, including the Seattle HQ. Airborne Express themselves spent about $250M buying (-$1M) and improving (+$250M) the facility.
    Maybe the Wilmington facility was estimated at 300 millions at the time? Definitely not billions.

    Talking about blooming tulips, that's how Airborne Express started, transporting flowers... ^-^

  2. Thank you. M is a lot smaller and more accurate than B.