Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28

March 28 and 29 are poor days to plant seeds, according to the Farmers Almanac. They claim the seed will rot in the round. I have 50 acres ready to plant but the weatherman is calling for rain so I won't plant until the signs improve.

Planting time is here. Now, it's pick your day. Keep busy until you pull the planter into the field. It is too late to worry if the planter is ready or not, it is time to use it. If it is not ready, you have a few days until crop insurance will pay for your mistake.

We don't want any mistakes. We want to do it once, so we have to do it right. Reader Rob was asking me about open pollinated corn compared to hybrid for sileage and I told him I didn't think open pollinated would compare. I wuold love to plant a row of Bloody Butcher beside Reid's Yellow Dent though, and select ears from those rows for next year's planting. I would have my own first hybrid seed corn, just like Grandpa did.

This blog will be short for two weeks.


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