Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dicamba Resistant Soybeans

Most Certified Crop Advisers in Ohio attended one of the Monsanto Resistant Weed meetings held at 3 different locations this week. I attended the one in Columbus and I thought Dr. Mark Loux gave the best summary on the resistant weed situation I have heard anywhere.

It's in most states and weeds have developed resistance to many different types of chemicals. The worst weeds like Palmer Amaranth or smooth pig weed, tall waterhemp, another pig weed and marestail are almost uncontrollable in many locations now.

I was surprised Monsanto had a farmer from West Tennessee on the program. He said Round Up had no value as a herbicide on his farm but admitted he was using the new dicamba resistant soybeans on his farm. They are not approved yet in the U.S. but should be by 2014 according to a news release issued today. They were developed at the University of Nebraska.

I don't see how this will improve the long term problem with resistant weeds. It looks like the horse is out of the barn on resistance and now weeds build up resistance to chemistry very quickly since they have conquered glyphosate. Dow will have 2,4-D resistant soybeans even sooner. I can't imagine spraying either chemical in mid summer around here with the problem of drift and succulent non target plants in susceptible condition. They claim we can control the drift with their expensive new versions of these chemistries.

Bayer published a guide called Herbicide Resistance Management Guide that lists the chemistries and label names and what weeds are resistant to them in the U.S. I would suggest you contact your Bayer representative and study it and these links.


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