Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It took me 40 years to even start to understand what vacation really means. All I ever knew to do was how to work.

Someone posted Take A Vacation in the Cafe. That's the difference between LuAnn and I and our parents generation. We want to see this big beautiful world God created!

"I posted earlier about something learned on vacation and someone replied"what's a vacation?".

To that person and others that don't have time to take a vacation:

Dad worked hard on the farm and Mom had an off farm job. They rarely did anything else. They did get a couple of trips in over the years. Dad finally decided to slow down so they could travel some more as Mom had plenty of vacation time she never used. They were both 70 at the time.

He got sick and Mom spent 12 years careing for Him and still working for the health insurance benefits to keep him in the nursing home. After he died Mom was going to travel. She had a spill and broke her neck. She's been in a nursing home for three years. She can barely lift a spoon. When I leave after visiting her she often says"take a vacation". Don't spend all your life working to get something and miss what you have."

We sure agree. Dating LuAnn was a vacation to New York every weekend or her coming to Ohio. Not long after we met we went to Vancouver and soon after that, Maine.

We have camped in the 48 states and will soon see our 50th together! We have seen almost all of Canada and every stinkin' Carribean island! We have been to New Zealand and most of Europe. I got to see China in 1985 but there is so much more to see!

South America

The list goes on and on and we could visit every place we have already been again! We are going to be halfway to Australia and New Zealand so that is going to be really tempting!

We are blessed to be born in the age of travel.

We love it!


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