Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Bye 2011

The field behind the house looks the same today as it did one year ago.

Some will say good riddance to 2011, it was a tumulutuous year in many ways. We watched our wheat die in the rains, couldn't care for it right and the yields proved it. We fought to plant corn and soybeans late, fought to get them sprayed timely and fought hard to get them harvested.

Many fields in Ohio are still not harvested and it is apparent some will never be. The last crop report I saw as Ohio was 82% harvested on corn, not a good place to be on January 1. Everyone wonders what the USDA Report will show January 12. I will be at the NoTill Conference and it seems like every year I have been there the market makes a gigantic move up or down around that date.

The weather man is calling for some cold temps this week but I am not sure it will freeze the ground enough to get machinery over it. I really doubt it but we all hope it will. He is also predicting these same weather patterns through March. I noticed today it is mild across the entire United States.

It was a challenging year personally. I had to stop a month and really work on my physical and spiritual condition. It has paid off well. I can't believe how much more consulting and farming I have been able to happily do since.

My health insurance kicked in and I haven't had to pay a doctor's bill since May because I paid all of my deductible and the insurance picked up the rest. It's not the way I would have chosen to do it all but it was there and it worked.

We added the ninth grandchild to our family and now are expecting our tenth. Those children have grown so much in a postitve manner this year it is really rewarding to watch and participate every chance we get.

We were sound asleep at midnight when some neighbors decided to shoot up the neighborhood. I don't know if they were using AK-47's or not but it sounded like someone knocking on the door which woke Sable up and she started barking which woke us up and we said Happy New Year to each other. I told Sable, good job, it is OK, you can go back to sleep and she did.

We did too. Happy New Year, everyone, we wish the best for all.

Ed and LuAnn


  1. Ed, we set off a roll of firecrackers I had been saving since we went to the Minneapolis-Moline convention in Missouri in 199?. It made a few satisfying explosions. There were some pretty impressive illegal fireworks displays in our neighborhood last night!
    As for good bye to 2011. Good or bad I hate to see time pass. It doesn't seem to get better, just different. Good times and bad are all worth living though. Seems like I waste an awful amount of time, perhaps that is what influences my opinion.

  2. Yes David it passes all too quickly! I invest too much time at this but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have met you and all the other good bloggers and readers!