Monday, January 9, 2012


It's getting challenging keeping up with all this technology. I accidentally ran my cell phone through the washer yesterday. Why does that always happen when you need it most? A trip to the Verizon store ended up with an early birthday present of a Droid Xyboard tablet, our first tablet sized computer.

After using the kids Ipads and other devices, it seemed like a logical next move. It is even faster than the Droid smart phone LuAnn uses and every other device we own.

I tried to compare the Kindle Fire to the IPad2 to the new Droid before Christmas. I just couldn't "wrap my head around" the differences between the three. I am glad I waited until she could use it and ask questions before I purchased it.

I was impressed with the young man at Verizon. I mentioned what Dustin had showed me and when the sale was ready to be completed, he handed it over to Dustin to get the credit for the sale. I was very impressed. I would want that young man on my team, he definitely showed he is a team player.

I asked about the IPad 3 and it looks like the 2 will come down $100 when the 3 is released. I figured it couldn't be that much better than new Droid and the Droid will always have features the Apple doesn't and vice versa.

The worst thing is another $30 a month to connect to the G3 or G4 network, it works on both. It has it's own separate phone number so with the house and the OnStar, that's 4 phone numbers between us. You have to wonder if that's too much technology but we use them all.

I really could justify a dedicated line for the fax machine as much as I have been using it but that will go down soon. I haven't went to a smart phone yet, I can barely keep up with what I have. I am a sit down and think keyboard person morning or night and don't want to do that during the day. The cell phone is aggravation enough.


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