Thursday, January 26, 2012

Am I An Introvert?

I saw a piece on the news talking about Susan Cain's new book called Quiet. It's about the traits introverts and extroverts exhibit and great leaders who lean one way or the other.

I have always seen myself as an introvert, basically was a shy kid who was taught and learned to live outside that shell to function and be happy. I've taken the Myers Briggs Personality Test and it shows about the same thing. I took this test I found this morning and the way I answered the questions, it rated me as 45% extrovert which it called "balanced." That's pretty good for me today.

My mood affects how I feel and thus how I answer questions. The rain is quite depressing again today but I guess it isn't bothering me that much. There is nothing I can do about it, anyway.

The news piece showed the President, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul as introverted and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum as extroverted. It showed Pope John Paul and Benedict as introverted and how that can be used for quiet but very strong leadership.

I would assume most farmers lean to introvert behavior but I can think of a few pretty social, loud and boisterous ones, too. Job success doesn't necessarily link to personality traits but they don't hurt and sure can help. You can picture a rancher or a cowboy as being pretty introverted to the point of being a "loner." A fellow who loves to drive tractor all day just uses a different type of horse!

So are you an introvert or extrovert or pretty well balanced?



  1. Rick Santorum is more than an extrovert, he's the only one who doesn't know he's a flamboyant queen, no other explanation for his skin deep homophobia... ^-^

    I'm probably wrong though, as I was for Gingrich, I always thought newts were shy creatures.

  2. At heart, I'm an introvert, But somewhere along the way, I learned to speak my mind simply because I got tired of other people's BS!

  3. Me too, although some people think when I speak my mind it is BS and sometimes it is. You keep speaking and if I like it I will agree and if I don't I will share why I don't if you want to listen. This blog gives me a teachable moment if you want to read a bit. If not, OK, see you later!

  4. psychology has a theory about this. they call it being inner motivated and outer motivated.

    another theory would be the difference in belief of free will and determinism.

    i see them as all being connected.