Thursday, January 19, 2012

Engaged in Government

OK, Roy F., I took my one crazy pill this morning before writing this as you suggested I might do every day! LuAnn and I read our daily readings as usual this morning (on her BIRTHDAY so drop her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY at! Fox News was muted and I saw a piece about Karen Moreau, an attorney in upstate New York talking about how the lack of developing mineral rights is killing many small farms.

New York has a moratorium on horizontal fracking which has brought Pennsylvanis, Ohio and North Dakota communities alive with oil exploration. She is pushing the Governor and Legislature to allow this fracking so New York can see the boom neighboring states have.

Then I saw a piece from Freedom Works to contact my legislators to support the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Texas. I support this and was not surprised to see our President not support it yesterday so I wrote three letters and will call their offices today.

Next I saw Google's plea to contact the same legislators to vote against PIPA and SOPA that would regulate the Internet more in America. I don't know about you but I like my Internet just like it is! Regulation is killing our country, no wonder we are in debt highter than our GDP for social programs as we continue to kill job creation!

Wake Up, America! Are you readers engaged in government? Thankfully I was taught at a young age that a sincere, personal hand written letter written to a legislator represents the feelings of several hundred voters. I bet a dollar you don't believe that. Even if you did, do you prove it by acting on it?

Write and call today! That is what I am doing. It's time for me to be more engaged in government and you can bet I am going to vote every chance I get after studying the issues and seeking out every piece of dirt I can find on a candidate or position. Then I will vote accordingly.

I didn't work this hard and this long to see my country go down the path it is for the future of my children and grandchildren and generations unseen.

Get to work!



  1. This is a little off subject. I hope you realize that it appears that there is a giant tee-pee sprouting out of your head...I guess it could be one of those new florescent lightbulbs which would represent your good ideas...

  2. Yes, Budde, there is a giant tee pee sprouting out of my head! Don't you love it?