Friday, August 8, 2014

How Much Fertilizer Is In My Wheat Residue?

My wheat variety had more straw than normal this year so I am trying to figure out how much fertilizer I might get from it over time.  I found this chart on Ag PhD to give me some clues.

Nutrient Removal Chart describing how much of each type of nutrient is removed by the stover of a wheat crop.
Wheat Nutrient Removal - Stover Only (lbs)
*N, P, K and S numbers courtesy International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). These numbers are estimations. Actual nutrient removal may vary based on many factors.

My tissue test already shows good release to my double crop soybeans after one month of activity.

The stover removal chart gives me an idea.  What do you guys think I am getting from the estimated 5000 lbs of wheat stover residue per acre?  I can usually have most of it broken down by the end of next year’s crop, not all of it though.  It is already supplying nutrient to the double crop beans in it, looks like potash release is pretty good on tissue test.
The number that jumps out at me is potassium.  It is the highest number on the chart.  One of my major benefits of growing wheat is potassium release in the residue.  I work hard at providing enough Boron and Potassium, Phosphorous and Zinc not just for a good wheat crop but for more release to my future crops since I don't bale straw anymore.  Residue is just too valuable for me to transport it off the farm though I admit a good straw sale would equal the double crop soybean sale.
Nitrogen (N)1059891847770635649423528
Phosphate (P2O5)2422.420.819.217.61614.412.811.29.686.4
Potassium (K2O)1801681561441321201089684726048
Sulfur (S)2119.618.216.815.41412.611.29.88.475.6
Magnesium (Mg)19.518.216.915.614.301311.7010.409.107.806.505.20
Calcium (Ca)11.2510.59.7598.257.56.756.005.254.503.753.00
Copper (Cu)0.0450.0420.0390.0360.
Manganese (Mn)0.750.70.650.60.550.50.450.400.350.300.250.20
Zinc (Zn)0.390.3640.3380.3120.
Boron (B)0.1050.0980.0910.0840.
Iron (Fe)0.8250.770.7150.660.610.550.500.440.390.330.280.22

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