Sunday, August 17, 2014

Crops In The Northeast

Crops in the northeast are late, green and wet.  Corn looks like an entirely different color than the color we are used to seeing at home.  I know earlier hybrids look a little different and it is hard to describe the color difference.  I think they will have a good crop but we' seen a lot of what I call silage corn in the last two days.  Most of that will go to silage too as I travel to the north and east of my home there are more dairy cows and livestock, too.

The beans look really late and many are yellow.  Some were so yellow I thought they were very sick until I stopped and looked.  We had travelled to an area of dry bean production and the plants were naturally dying.  They looked like they had been sprayed with glyphosate and had extreme Manganese tie up.

We have seen a ot of new alfalfa plantings in the last day, too.  The alfalfa just looks excellent and I should have stopped and taken a picture for Hay Wilson down in Texas.  I didn't see any Boron or Potassium deficiency so they must have their nutrient program up to snuff.

It looks like they had a good cereal crop and we even saw some windrows of straw that hadn't been baled yet.  The weather this year has sure put us all on a different schedule.  It feels like we haven't quit running since April 1 or whenever the weather first broke.

How are the crops looking in your area?  What is your main concern?  I am concerned how dry these crops will be and how hard it will be to get harvest finished this year.  It looks like a cool September and we really need more heat!

Ed Winkle

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