Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Farm Grandma

Kids say the darndest things.  Tyler called LuAnn and called her Farm Grandma.  What a term of endearment!  His little sister Arianna will be three Sunday so we hope to get together.  We have cases of Loganberry, Sahlen's hot dogs and cheese curds to share from our trip up north.

We are the quotable grand parents at the Peter's house.  "If it rains and if it pours, you can cook your smores indoors!"  That's what happened the last time Liam and Finn were here as the rain started to put out our campfire on the patio.  We used our gas oven to bake some smores as the rain was falling outside.

Corbin and Claire are showing their fine looking Hampshire pigs at the Highland County Fair next week.  Highland and Brown Counties have two of our favorite fairs which reminds me of the excellent Erie County New York Fair we saw recently.  I still need to download my pictures and share some of the best ones.

Half the grand kids are in school now and half are not.  There is still a lot of education to do either way.  You learn something every day, don't you?

We are unloading wheat this week as most of my Lion soft red winter wheat is going for seed.  Good seed lots of good soft reds are in short supply this year and we have had a lot of interest in it.  The first load looked excellent with no dust coming off it and little chaff.  We did a decent job of getting it harvested and stored correctly.

Our Clermont, Jacob and Apex soybeans are also in high demand and I hope they all get planted for seed, also.

Maybe Farm Grandma can help Farm Grandpa make some lemonade out of the market lemons this fall.

Ed Winkle

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