Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Day Of Kindergarten

It seems like yesterday, the doctor put my baby daughter into my arms.  Little did I know the joy she would bring me and everyone she met since that day.  And those four sweet grand children she gave us!  Happy birthday, Becky!
Three of our grandchildren just had their first day of kindergarten!  So did my sister's grandson.  I love the German word kindergarten, it reminds me of my love of children and gardens.

I saw the picture of Tyler getting on the school bus and thought, there goes a young man into the next phase of his life, one that will change him forever.

I still remember my experience of kindergarten, 60 years later!  I had good teachers and I can remember all the ones who had such a great impact upon my life.  Do you remember those teachers in your life?

School has become a great influence upon our people.  It has changed greatly in the past 100 years, especially the last 50 or so.  The great increase in knowledge of peoples we take for granted can be linked to good schooling at earlier and earlier age.

Unfortunately this knowledge has not brought peace to the people.  Good schooling does not guarantee good principles that keep people civil.  Civility is lacking in the world today and it seems like the world is coming apart at the seems as these young children seek a better path.'

I pray for peace in the world but the best I can do is teach my dear grandchildren how important it is to keep evil out of your life and how to respond to it when they encounter it.

That's the best I can do today.

Blessings to our grandchildren, especially our new kindergartners!

Ed Winkle

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