Thursday, February 6, 2014

Truman Compared To Obama?

I know not to get into politics on HyMark High Spots because politics is not a high spot to discuss.  It's very controversial.  I need your help understanding this one.

"The below article entitled “Blueprint for Disruption” was published in Newsweek on January 19, 1948, in response to President Harry Truman’s State of the Union Address from that year. It was written by free-market journalist Henry Hazlitt, best known for his classic “Economics in One Lesson,” and excerpted from a collection of his Newsweek articles from 1946 to 1966 entitled “Business Tides.”
“President Truman’s annual message to Congress was primarily a campaign document. It seems to have been written chiefly in fear of losing extreme leftist votes to Henry Wallace. The basic philosophy it embodies is unmistakable. It is the philosophy of the welfare state, the doctrine of salvation through bureaucracy. Free enterprise, free markets, and free prices are no longer to be trusted to stimulate and guide production and consumption. Everything is to be in charge of omniscient and omnipotent bureaucrats.
Everyone is promised economic security, regardless of what he contributes to production. We are to have bigger job insurance, bigger old-age benefits, bigger survivors’ benefits, bigger education. The government is to subsidize our medical care and our housing. It is also to reclaim land, replant forests, build more TVA’s. On top of this, it is to spend in fifteen months on European aid alone as much as it used to spend in the same period before the war for all its purposes combined."
I don't see the comparison at all.  My parents and grand parents were tenant farmers.  Dad always said his best years of farming was when Harry Truman was President.  For me, I would have to say Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.  Nevertheless, how can the write compare Truman's speech to Obama's State of the Union address this week?

I think he can only in words, times are so much different.  Harry was a poor tenant farmer himself who rose to be President of the United States.  He had the awful job of deciding to drop the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.  He took little from our government and only gave and gave and gave back.  He drove himself home to Missouri on his own dime after he had served.

Now help me readers, how in the world can this writer compare Harry S. Truman to Barrack Hussein Obama?  I don't feel our country was broken before and after Harry's presidency, I feel the presidency is broken now.

Ed Winkle 


  1. Ed I would think the Obama years would have been some of your best years farming. Which is the last five years. Am I wrong?

    David Seck

  2. I would rather have real leadership and less national debt.

  3. My 2 lowest yeilds of beans were under ole bummer.

    Blaming him for the droughts is like blaming bush for the flood of New Orleans....still not a fan of Obama. Things are messed up and we need a real leader and I don't know if there is one to choose from....