Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hall Of Fame

" Engines roared and tires spun in the dirt as the tractor slammed forward.

Pulling thousands of pounds behind it, the machine started fast, straining as the weight behind it increased.

Thousands of cheering fans jumped up and down on the grandstands, drowned out until the tractor came to a stop at the end of its pull.

For John Lancaster, this was his life for more than 30 years.

The Trafalgar resident was a yearly competitor on the national tractor-pulling circuit, yearning for more speed, more power and more success.

Now, he’s considered one of the sport’s best.

Lancaster has been inducted into the National Tractor Pullers Association Hall of Fame, honored for his innovative turbocharging tractors. In the tractor-pulling arms race, his contributions help propel the sport into a souped-up new era during the 1970s, the Daily Journal reported.

He and two other Hoosiers — Whiteland native Norm Green and Indianapolis’ Al Koch — were voted into the Hall of Fame together, joining the elite of the tractor pulling world. "

I bet Matt and some of you remember those days.  Johnny, Norm and Al put the orange Allis tractors in the winner's circle many times when I was pulling.  Matt was born in 1977 so probably 1982 is some of his earliest memories but I sure remember the night the 460 Farmall flipped over, pinning the driver.

That's been 40 years ago so don't hold me to it.  I can remember it like yesterday.  I know it is a big honor to get inducted into any hall of fame.

John, Norm and Al deserve this recognition.  I watched them do it.

Ed Winkle

PS  I hope they would think these pictures are appropriate.  I don't have a picture of any of their tractors handy 40 years later, though I should!

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