Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Miss That Old Farm Of Yesterday

I've played this song several times this morning.  It's from the Gibson Brothers of Upstate New York.  The words in this song sounds a lot like our family growing up in Sardinia and I bet it reflects the bringing up of many of us of that age.

Sunday morning we met Leon Sullenberger and wife Sharon from Upstate New York at the Hawaii Yacht Club on Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.  Yes, he is a distant descendant of the same family that produced Sully Sollenberger who famously saved a lot of lives by safely landing a defunct jet on the Hudson River years ago.

It is always good to meet someone in person you've known by words for so long.  I started reading Halewai's post's on NewAgTalk a long time ago, probably soon after he started posting there.  I have been blessed to meet so many "Ag Talker's" since it's inception in 2000.  My blogs talk about the farms we have camped on over the years since that time.

The farmer or his wife would show us the water tap and electrical outlet and we would hook up and camp right on their farm!  We have seen the fifty states and Canadian provinces and camped in many of them just that way.

In our meeting Sunday morning, we learned that it just so happens that Leon's wife Sharon is from a town in Upstate New York where many of LuAnn's family came from, mostly her dad's side.  They asked if she knew the Gibson Brother's Band from there and she did not.  Leon sent me that link above this morning and it reminded me of my raising on a farm in Brown County Ohio with my sister Linda who was also on this trip to Hawaii.

Linda has three grandsons and they are being brought up just like we were on that old farm on Brown County.  We learned to break calves to a halter and parade them around, just like I just saw Bryceton Vollborn do on Facebook a few minutes ago.

Today I remember when I was a little older than Bryceton and learning to break a calf on "that old farm of yesterday."

Ed Winkle


  1. Ahhhhh, to be raised Amish.

    All one has to do is drive through certain parts of the country side to see the Amish
    Living some of those dreams Ed.
    Or Living as many Farmers did for thousands of years, actually.

    The time frame that you remember, about a blink of the eyes time frame technology advancement wise will now only and always be YOUR memory.

    ITS interesting to me that the Amish didn't form and create the man made laws they have before the wheel was invented ? would we have Amish today ?
    Or ? if the Amish were Established today ? would they have all the Machine power
    that we all enjoy ?

    Thank you for the stimulating Post Ed

    So does the formation of a Religious Sect. Stop Technology in its Track.
    Instantly and forever ?

    When I was a child in the 50's We had many neighbors called ( Drunkards )
    from the German Baptist sect.
    All of their cars had to be Black. even the Bumpers. everything was Black
    even all of their Clothing.
    and Most were Farmers and or Carpenters, Masons of the Building trades.
    Man made laws established in time and frozen in time.

  2. After I met the Amish in my later years, I always wondered if we weren't just like them except for their way of worshipping! So many things were similar, especially on the farming and day to day life chores.

    Thanks for bringing up the Anabaptist sect as the non Amish call it, I can see where this song would stimulate that.

    The different sects of those Anabaptist churches have been my favorite people to share no-till and other farming practices with. I have spoken to Mennonite, Amish, Dunkard, Pennsylvania Dutch, German Lutheran, Hutterite, Brethren, German Baptist and other sects about no-till, cover crops and other things.