Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Farm People Are Coming!

We just got home from a 2 year old grand daughter's birthday party.  Her four year old brother had to call her grandpa up and tell him the farm people are coming!  He asked him, do they have names?  He quickly said, grandma and grandpa!  You know them, the ones who live on the estate!  We had to laugh at that one, out of the mouth of babe's Art Linkletter said.

He was has been here to ride the snowmobile or the Mule many times and the whole deal definitely left an impression!  Of course, his grandma Lu and dad are always asking him if he wants to go to the farm or ask if he had fun there.  Isn't that funny how non-farm people see us down on the farm?

We had to bring the $50 peach pie from the auction here at Dinner in the Fields.  We found out Leadership Clinton made $1300 from that auction and with a $2500 matching donation they cleared $8000 to keep the Dinner in the Fields and other activities going!  I think that is grand!

How we speak with our fields and how we treat our city cousins are important.  The smallest gestures can make the most impact.  There are so many ways to impact people more than big media does and we all know they don't always do a very good job!

They always ask at this time of the year, how are the crops looking?  It's hard to tell them that the once pretty green fields are dying prematurely.  How could late May corn be dropping ears in late August?

 LuAnn is getting it.  We had a good discussion about glyphosate, GMO's, and Goss's Wilt on the way up.  She can pick it out now from the car.  We just watched US Farm report and the "drought damaged" corn they were showing.  She said there it is, on the ears and stalks, just like you showed me!  The video footage showed black lesions on the ears and the stalks that was visible from 1000 miles away from our easy chairs.

How can we grow corn like our handful of friends are growing?  Look at my old posts and keep reading and looking and asking questions.

There are no dumb questions.  The farm people are coming!

Ed Winkle



    I've looked into this ed. I think you are seeing pollen decay within the leaf sheath. It should be expected in almost every corn field. It is not a concern and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with glyphosate or gmo's.

    What do you think?

    David Seck

  2. Yes that is there, too. I am talking about classic premature death like Goss's wilt starting as lesions on the third or fourth stalk shank node up. The leaves start out yellow in the midrib and turn pink before they turn brown. I haven't found a field that doesn't have it and friends are reporting the same symptoms in other states.

    Ed Winkle

  3. "Ed, You probably get more dumb questions from the Farm People than you do from the City Neighbors.

    Something that appears to be Intuitively Obvious to The Most Casual Observer just gets a blank look out past the city limits.


    Bill, you get the Intuitively Obvious Award for the day!

  4. Sounds like "Bill" is pretty full of himself

    Its intuitively obvious that you would rather have blind followers

    David Seck

  5. Bill happens to be one of the most observant guys I've ever met, especially on NewAgTalk. His wisdom surpasses the wisest.