Thursday, September 5, 2013

600 Miles Of No Corn

We drove 630 miles today with no corn, well, very little.  We finally saw some near Benson, North Carolina and the last field was in West Virginia.  The corn down here looks dead from the road though I have not had time to wander out in any.  We did see one small field harvested, the fellow probably needed corn for his livestock.

We are near the ocean in Wilmington, North Carolina for a funeral.  It is a quick trip down and a quick trip back home.  We did get to enjoy breakfast with my sister this morning at the Bob Evans restaurant near Rio Grande.  We can count on one hand the times we've seen each other in the last year so each time is special.  Of course, I had to tell her friends that I went to China with Bob for a month back in 1985.  People that work for the company or knew Bob are always amazed to hear that.  Linda chirped in that I lost a lot of weight on that trip and I did.  I said they served every part of the duck but the quack!  I am not a fowl lover you know.

Maybe we will have a little more time to spend together on the trip back home.  First, we are here to remember LuAnn's Uncle Joe who had a positive influence on her.  He always wanted her to go to college and she did.  She is a proud Xavier grad now like Tara, Matt and Kevin.  Xavier has been good to us and we've been good to them!

I am still a Buckeye though so we have to support our Land Grant College.  North Carolina is known for its universities so we are in the land of higher education.  They need it with no more corn fields than I saw on the way down!

Of course our trip goes through the mountains from the Appalachians to the Blue Sky foothills of the Smokey's.  It sure was "smokey" most of the morning in the early morning fog.

This old guy hasn't drove that far for quite a while so yes I am tired!

Time to clean up and go to the visitation.

It sure was a beautiful day but it got old being couped up in the car.  I needed some corn fields to go look at.

Ed Winkle

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