Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

I posted some pictures I took over this Labor Day Weekend to my Facebook account.  It is an easy place to post pictures.  Jeff Littrell posted his pictures of his week long trip from Minnesota through Iowa to Ohio and up to northwest Ohio, Michigan and back to Minnesota.  They are worth looking at, even if you have to join Facebook to do it.  I don't think you do and many refuse to participate.  That's a personal decision.

It's no worse than me giving my information to Google through this blog.  January will mark five years of posting a blog nearly every day.  Thank you followers and readers.

As I posted those pictures, I saw what a busy holiday it was for us like so many other people.  It starts out in Rushville, Indiana at First Choice seeds and takes us to Columbus for a birthday party, back to church in our own community and ends up in Hillsboro where LuAnn works and we visit often.  We watched Corbin and Claire show their first pigs last night at the Highland County Fair Open Barrow Show.

Corbin did a great job showing his "crazy Abt pig."  Our son in law Kevin bred pigs that showed all over southwest Ohio this summer.  Their unique breeding made them a little different from confirmation to personality so we have to tease him a little.  Corbin was able to keep the pig off the rail until the last few moments when the pig got tired and stubborn.  Claire wasn't so fortunate as her pig pretty much stayed near the gate he came out of.  A four year old doesn't have much force against a 270 lb pig.  They both did a super good job though and we were proud of them.

It was a great weekend and we even got a little bit of rain out of it.  Kentucky got up to 4 inches which should help the soybeans, especially since many of theirs are planted after wheat.  The Midwest varies greatly, though.  I hope you got what you needed but I hear most did not.  We could have stood 2 inches this weekend pretty easily but .3 is better than none.

LuAnn's uncle Joe passed away yesterday so we are headed to Wilmington, North Carolina Thursday for his service.  Joe was very influential on LuAnn like my aunts and uncles were to me.  Wilmington is where we travelled eight years ago for the birth of our grand child Liam.  So much has happened in eight years!

We have Canadian cool air this morning so fall is in the air.  It won't be that long until harvest and the silage choppers have already started chopping across the country.

Another crop year is coming to the start of its close.  Have a great day and a great week!

Ed Winkle

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