Friday, September 6, 2013

Final Plans

Going to family funerals makes you think of your final plans.  No one wants to think about that but I do think most of us would like to have our final plans in order before the big day.

It's easier and much more fun to live in today.  I have so much to live in it would be easy to put final plans off and let someone else make the decisions.  That would be LuAnn for me but I don't think it would be very kind to her to not do for myself what I would like to happen.

Most of us don't care that much what they do with us at that day.  Most farmers want to be scattered or buried on their farm or someplace nice like a farm or the family burial plot.  Since we don't have a family burial plot, I need to do a bit more planning than that.  I don't even know what the rules are about being scattered so that might be out or put someone like LuAnn in a bad place trying to exercise our final wishes.

We are where our oldest grandson Liam was born nearly eight years ago.  Just driving here and being here brings back a lot of good memories.  We remember the beaches and eating out with Will and Becky.  We will never forget Will's platoon members being here for the birth of their first child.  Now they have four children!

Do you have your final plans made?  I doubt it and it's a very personal question but it is good to talk to you about it here on a very informal basis.  Whatever your plans are or aren't, I think we ought to set some time aside to take care of those plans.

We have will and testaments but no final resting place.  I am going to do some more research on that when I get home.  I would rather spend my time planning next year's crop but I need to spend some time on this subject, too.

It is beautiful here in North Carolina and I hope it is wherever this finds you today, too.  Have a great day and weekend!

Ed Winkle


  1. I don't like cremation, but the undertakers are getting entirely too rich on people's grief these days. I told my wife to have me torched and not have a service. They could scatter my ashes on a grave plot by my folks (I've already got the marker) and say a few words there if they wanted to.

  2. I agree Gorges. We haven't made the final decision yet. LuAnn has but I have not.

    Ed Winkle