Thursday, February 9, 2012


We finally made it to Hawaii and are looking at Waikiki Beach! The whole idea has seemed sureal since the day I found out a group of farmer friends were coming.

It is great to post with LuAnn's new Xyboard but I quickly learned I am not a texter! Texting seems to a very primitive way to commumicate, more so than Morse Code. I could talk to you much easier via Morse if you could recieve! Remember when the two older CW guys beat the young texters?

This is why these blogs are so short. It took me as long to text these blogs as I could sit at a keyboard and type out a typical blog! So I am updating the past two weeks blogs and adding pictures. I hope you like them.

Hawaii is a beautiful state and like Alaska, added a lot of history and resources to our great country. It's a great place to stop on your way from the states to New Zealand or Australia!

Waikiki is a very special place. It's not too far from Pearl Harbor and the big hotels have sprung up here since the second world war. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for a few days and I can highly recommend it to you. The price was as good as any and the resort is spotlessly beautiful. I highly commend the workers here, you won't meet one you don't like!

Thankfully there is a good, affordable 24 hour diner right around the corner, the Wailainu Coffee House. We ate there several times and the food was cheap but very good quality with excellent service. Those people really know what they are doing!

The native island people are all nice and really intrigue me.