Sunday, February 5, 2012

Southeast Iowa

Clay in Southeast Iowa posted some pictures in the Cafe that stirred my interest and my memories.

I love southeast Iowa. It has beautiful rolling hills of rich loams with lots of trees, creeks and corn. I love corn. My love for corn started when I had my first bite of sweetcorn as a child and watched dad shock big bundles of corn that looked like giant Tee Pee's to me.

My first journey to southeast Iowa was on our honeymoon in late June, 2001. We camped at Paul Reed's house on our way out west. When I asked LuAnn what she wanted to do for our honeymoon, she said "I want to buy a pickup camper and head west." That's exactly what we did.

Now I go to Iowa each year for more than the beauty of the scenery or the friendship we always find there, but to learn more about growing crops. Some of the smartest farmers I ever met farm in Iowa and I go to their farms to learn more. They always keep me on the edge of agriculture technology.

I learned how to properly set up a corn planter for notill there. I learned the value of gypsum there as a soil amendment. I learned more about the value of manure and soil livestock there, especially earthworms. Doing so, I built a love for Iowa I can't really explain to other people.

Our first trip was like living how we did as children with the small towns full of shops and friendly people. Our last trip there in September was no different. We looked at property there but our children would soon marry and start their own families and our roots in Ohio sunk deeper.

I can remember something about every trip we have made to the great state of Iowa. Iowa people often take their gift for granted. If only grandpa would have went just a little bit farther! is often exclaimed by my friends in Iowa east.

Iowa, you have a great state of land and people. I hope you will always stay that way. I am thankful I can see it.


  1. I appreciate the Iowa accolades and the excellent link at the end of your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Ron Swanson

  2. Just speaking from the heart, Ron. I sure could be an Iowan and would be the very best I can be but there is much work to do in Ohio! I will keep coming to Iowa to learn and appreciate the beauty and the people.