Saturday, February 18, 2012


Where has February gone? Eleven days and it's March! I had forgotten this is leap year.

First thing to do when I get home is vote in the Super Tuesday election. Hopefully wewill have some nice weather to work on fence rows. The last two years of work will feel good when we get home. If things get tough, we have our woodstove and our canned food.

This week I will be teaching two planter clinics in Indiana. I have been trying to outline in my head what I will say but it will be easier once I get in front of a row unit. I have taught it so many times, it just starts to flow after awhile.

Here is one link that caught my eye, Finger Lakes Sustainable Farming. That's up near LuAnn's mom. Here is Sjored Duiker's list.

Here is my list:

Go through each row unit piece by piece.
Go through the seeding mechanism, and match the planter to the seed size you are getting.
Go over all stress parts, as well as the frame, wheels and bearings. “You think the part isn’t worn out, but it is. Replace it. You can’t afford to stretch parts too far anymore.”
Go through hydraulics with books and gauges.
Go through 12-volt system front to back.
Go through electronics, including GPS-related modules and monitors.



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