Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Kona coffee is good! It is even better in Kona. This trip is going too fast and soon it will be time to come home. Thereis so much to tell you, I hope I can remember it all. The islanders are not happy with the economic situation. Gas is going up a nickel a week and is already 4.50 per gallon.


  1. Still dirt cheap if you ask me, gas is $8.40 per US gallon in France today (about €1.70/liter) ^-^

  2. Chimel' look up The Coming Jobs War by Jim Clifton and tell me what you think, please.

  3. I hate not being able to subscribe to your post, must have missed a lot of post comments.

    Yeah, I looked it up and bought it the day you posted about it, it looked interesting.
    I'll be sure to send you the bill if it's not!
    It seems to reflect some of my (and many other people's) thoughts, for instance about the offshoring of jobs, but even more importantly, the loss of expertise and competitiveness that goes with this outsourcing, and the costly and risky dependencies. It's valid for the industry, services, agriculture, mining, all sectors. Hope to receive the book in the next few days.

    There should probably be a book called The Coming Land War too, as I expect the price of land to skyrocket within a few decades. We won't need much more land for the 2-3 extra billion people in 2050 to live in, but we'll need all we can use to feed them.