Friday, March 1, 2013


Yesterday was a zoo here, like the little monkey depicts on yesterday's picture.  His picture was on the public library computer I was using and I thought how appropriate to life this week.  This little monkey is still alive and trying to cope with all the changes here on the farm, the old farm house and life in general.

I apologize to all my email contacts that I was not able to get out my new email address before the account was closed.  I had the best of intentions but things got out of hand and it didn't happen.  My new email is my old email of edwinkle with a new provider at  I received a lot of personal email this week I wanted to reply to but that didn't happen either.  I apologize.

I've talked to several friends and acquaintances who have had this lung congestion.  One young friend said he has been fighting it all winter.  It was funny he called yesterday right during a coughing spell and he said that sounded like his.  He was on the second round of antibiotics and inhaler that Dr. Weber just put me on.  He said his didn't get better until he added Mucinex DM to it.  He called it a big horse pill and I said yes, that is what LuAnn brought home, trying to get us both feeling better.  She doesn't have the lung congestion I have, thankfully.

She is in the kitchen cleaning drywall dust off every inch and dish in the kitchen.  The entire house will have to be cleaned liked she is cleaning the kitchen right now.  What a formidable task!  Thankfully Tara and some other people are able to help.  When this all gets done I am going to have to do the same thing with this office, though the door has been closed and its not quite as dirty as the open part of the house.

Poor old Sable got confused yesterday with all the traffic.  She would follow one worker out and another one in.  The tile and grout guys about wore her out.  It made me tired to watch.  She did get her old dog food back though and some Pup-Peroni's yesterday.  LuAnn said she let her out this morning and a stray cat was eating from her dog bowl and poof she was gone.  The cat was gone, too, of course.

It's the first of March already, 1/6 of this new year is gone!  Where did it go?

Maybe we can get back to talking crops and soil soon.


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