Saturday, March 2, 2013


WOSU AM 820 kilohertz was the oldest AM station in the Columbus area.  It was started way back in 1922.  Being a fan of AM radio all of my life I listened to it as a child and followed it off and on until it was sold in 2011.  It's funny, I still listen to it since I love to hear the truth of Catholic Radio so I listen to 820 AM now more than I did in the past when it was basically NPR Radio.

"St Gabriel Catholic radio has purchased WOSU-AM from Ohio State University.  I mentioned to St. Gabriel Catholic Radio that WOSU-AM 820 was for sale last January and it would be a much better signal then 1580 AM.

It just made sense that St. Gabriel Catholic Radio would cover much more of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus with this frequency. After all, that has been the goal of St. Gabriel Catholic Radio, to cover as much of it with a network of stations and WOSU-AM will be a great flagship station.

Little was said about any interest in 820 AM so this sale was somewhat of a surprise to me and a remark was made on a thread that St. Gabriel Catholic Radio was having problems LMAing WKKO-AM so they didn't even have $1.5 million dollars to buy WVKO-AM.

WOSU-AM at $2 million dollars is a better deal then WVKO-AM at 1.5 million in my opinion."

WVSG is a powerful voice for us few who still listen to AM radio and even Catholic Radio.  I like it.  It's quite a story of the transition it has made over the years.

Today we had another snow flurry that almost covered the ground.  I like that little bit of insulation and those water crystals that will slowly melt into the ground when the temperature creeps over 32 degrees at soil level.  It feels cold outside and we are burning plenty of wood.  I am making room for more fence rows in my stack this cold winter!



  1. Enjoying your Catholic posts and updates on Martinsville Road. We may be "neighbors" someday in the future if it is in God's plan...

  2. Hot dog, come on down! I will pray for God's Will in that! I enjoy your posts, too. Keep up the good work!

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