Friday, October 5, 2012

How Many Bushels Is This Going To Cost?

The carpenter and home decorator are upstairs planning out the remodeling of our 2 bathrooms with LuAnn.  All I see is dollars rolling out.  So I popped the question, how many bushels is this going to cost?  Without blinking an eye, Mrs. Tissot says 2 loads of beans!  Me?  I ask if that is $15 beans or $18 beans?

This home remodeling has gotten to a lofty price the past few years.  If you don't think we have inflation, go price some items.  I will have to say LuAnn can find the best deals on the better quality of about anything we buy.

First, we have to cut a wall out in the basement to get access under this old house to a sinking floor in the living room.  That has to come first.  We lifted one corner a few years ago and now the other corner on the same wall is low.  I don't know if we have some soft or rotten timbers or not, we will have to dig our way to it by hand.

It looks like the Amish on the roof fixed the leak.  It hasn't leaked since.  We are hopefully past the damage of the Jerecho winds or whatever they called them June 29.  I still have a sagging door on the old barn, though.  I hope Bill gets the new fuel injection line so we can get that tractor moving, it has been sitting there too long right behind the sagging door.

I just scouted my wheat to see if it will come up before the cold front sets in.  It doesn't look like it but it is coming, there are little sprouts 5 days later.  If wheat hits $25 like Mark Wright thinks, the money problem for the bathrooms will be solved!

Harvest has been going slow here, I don't see much done.  Everyone is waiting for drier conditions.  I hope they come soon because just about every field is ready to harvest.  People are really dragging their feet on this corn and bean crop and I can't figure why.  The corn is 20% or under and the beans are 15-16 so we are rolling.

I need to snap a picture of the garden and show it to you.  We have the best stand of cereals and radish I ever had in any spot, picture perfect like it is supposed to look like the first of October.

The moon is waning and has looked funky the last few nights but people are still pretty hyper like its a full moon.  I don't know what is up with that.

Everyone is in a rush to get their work done before the long weekend for some.  Most places don't honor Columbus Day but some do.  I had to run to FSA and the bank to sign papers before the long weekend.

What do you think of that 7.8% unemployment figure the government pulled out of their hat this morning?  Now they are stooping to any trick!

I don't believe it!



  1. Talking about the FSA reminded me of the FFA and the movie Deep in the Heart about Richard Wallrath, the greatest FFA donator.
    It's a great story of redemption and religious faith, you'll probably enjoy it even more than I did, if you need something to watch for this long week-end.

  2. Thanks, Chimel, I am looking that up!

    Film tells the redemptive story of the man who is the largest contributor to Texas 4H and FFA, and proves that everyone deserves a second chance.
    DEEP IN THE HEART, the theatrical length film about the story of Richard Wallrath, opens throughout Texas on February 17.
    Wallrath had hit rock bottom. His personal demons had cost him everything, his family, his job, his hope, until Dick discovered a strong family and the love of his children were the true measure of a man’s worth. With a new-found faith, a sober lifestyle and AA meetings to keep him in line, Wallrath and his sons created a successful business and became the highest all-time individual donor to Texas 4-H and FFA, creating educational scholarships for deserving teens.
    DEEP IN THE HEART stars Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite, Lost, Taken), Elaine Hendrix (The Parent Trap, Inspector Gadget 2), DB Sweeney (The Cutting Edge, Fire in the Sky) and Val Kilmer (Top Gun, Tombstone, The Saint), and is rated PG-13. The film is produced by Brian A. Hoffman (corked!) and Scott Duthie (Rivers End, Pure Country 2) and is executive produced by Jay Hoffman (September Dawn, Pure Country 2).
    “I was personally inspired by the story of Mr. Wallrath,” explains Brian, who not only produced the film, but wrote it as well. “I felt the need to share it, in the hope that it can inspire people, not to be perfect, but to be the best they can be.”
    Tom Maynard, the Executive Director for the Texas FFA Association, calls the film “Compelling. Inspiring! It’s impossible to walk away from the film unaffected.”
    DEEP IN THE HEART is rated PG-13 and will release February 17, 2012, distributed by Arc Entertainment. For a full list of theaters, check out the official website –