Friday, April 8, 2011

Sad dog Sable

Filling in for my dear blogger, I must apologize for missing the post yesterday. I have been pretty busy with some unexpected challenges.

Among them is Sable. Sable has had a rough week. On Monday she got a split/tear in the big pad on one of her front paws. The first night, I thought it would heal itself even though it was still bleeding lightly. I patiently mopped the floor whenever she was inside and hoped for the best.

The second night, the porches had little bloody paw prints all over them and I knew this split was not going to heal on its own. After mopping little red paw prints for the third time, I ran down to the barn looking for duct tape (after all, duct tape can fix anything, right?) but NONE, NONE!! on this farm anywhere. Not in the shop or in the trucks or in any tractor tool boxes. I could not believe it.

My eyes settled on black electrical tape. Hmmmm.....

That tape and a gauze pad and a wresting match with an uncooperative Sable left me out of breath and covered with mud and glasses had dog nose all over them and I was in a bad mood.

But it worked! For one night. She left the tape alone and I thought we were on the road to healing but the next night, she still had a slit that was bleeding and she was licking her way around the tape to get at the sore spot. She began to hang her head and not want to eat....all over a slit paw??? Why don't they make dog bandaids in beef flavor?

Well, her best buddy has been pre-occupied so I think she was lonely, too. I offered to take her to work with me on Thursday, despite my board meeeting that morning. Immediately, in Ed's truck she perked up...I could just imagine her thinking, "Now this is more like it." At work the little bloody paw prints appreared and I could not have that on the office carpet....not good....

My plant operations manager got some duct tape and we got that drip covered. The limped around with flourescent orange duct tape on her paw, getting all kinds of attention and treats from people extending sympathy. It really was kind of funny to see how she just ate up that attention. She can milk it.

After work I took her to TSC and we bought some medicine that heals splits in hooves and paws. Back home, it was another tussle to get it soaked on saline solution and dried and treated. I really need to get in shape if that is all it takes to get me out of breath....but she is really strong. And stubborn.

Today, she is zooming around, taking nips at me and acting like a little stinker again.

I am glad she is back to her old self....I think.

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