Sunday, April 10, 2011

Go Fly a Kite!

This windy warm Sunday a kite flying festival was held in nearby Waynesville. Daughter and Son in law took two of our beautiful granddaughters to fly kites. I heard all about it from daughter Shannon. She just sounded like she was stil flying as high as her kite.

What made this special for me was her memories of kite flying when she was a child. Each Easter our kids got kites from the Easter Bunny. Some might think that is odd but this mother of three understood the consequences of unlimited candy on a day when my kids also had to sit still for Mass and then dinner at Grandma's. The kite just seemed the better idea....and a great transition from those frilly fancy Easter clothes to outdoor play.

Shannon's memories are good ones. She reminded me of the different places we flew them and the different models and colors. I would never have dreamed that she would recall those times. Being from upstate NY we had more than our share of Easter Sunday's with snow for our kite flying day!

It made me more certain that "EB" (as we called the Easter Bunny) was a pretty sharp old rabbit. He knew that kids would never remember on chocolate rabbit or one peep or one egg or one basket of goodies. But EB knew that spending time with kids builds everlasting memories.

And, even better, it creates a tradition that gets handed down to the next generation. I love the idea that those sweet girls will someday take their children kit flying.

Your traditions are important and if anyone ever tells you that a video game or another piece of plastic or a basket of candy is more meaningful, tell them to "Go fly a kite!"


  1. Where did Ed go ? Miss the blog, hope everything is okay. God Bless

  2. Where is Ed? What happened to the email?