Friday, April 29, 2011

I Am Still Alive

Yes friends, I am still alive.

Sorry I have not written for awhile but I have been away from the computer for 30 days. I am setting some new priorities in my life and the computer was not one of them.

I know, strange for me but it was needed. I made 10,000 posts in 10 years on NewAgTalk and that figures around 3 a day average. That's obsession.

I have learned a lot about myself after 61 years of living and it was time to reassess where I am at.

I suppose you know we broke the record for rainfall for the month of April for the Cincinnati region and third time wettest month in recorded history. That's bad for farmers but I didn't use it to sit behind the computer.

Some of our wheat looks good and some of it is sitting in water. I am not sure we will keep that and may plant it to soybeans. I have to go ove the crop adjustors report and I haven't had time too yet. Pretty soon it will be as tall as the wheat in the picture.

Here is an article I participated in you might enjoy.

I have had some amazing classes and experiences in the past month and will have some more before I get active again. LuAnn tried to help keep the blog going but we just had too much going on in our business and in our lives to keep up my goal of a blog a day. It's been good for me.

Thanks for all the calls and email and letters, they are greatly appreciated.

I am still alive and doing well.

I hope you are too.



  1. You were the first person to respond when I posted on NAT and you welcomed a lot of new people. You also had good info to share and were encouraging of other people.
    NAT has changed since then and I can understand scaling back your involvement. I think a lot of people appreciated your involvement. I never thought of it as an obsession but rather helpful dedication.

  2. Thanks Gorges and Budde. Believe me it was obsession, Budde. I spent WAY too much time on email and Internet. I will have to be careful not to get back into the same rut, tongue in cheek for your challening weather in Oregon that settled in Ohio!

    Today this is therapeutic to me so here I am.


  3. Nice to hear from you again after your short sabbatical. Always appreciate your perspective. Continue to contribute when you feel up to it.

    Ron Swanson

  4. Glad your back ! Ditto the the previous comments by George and others. Always like to check in on HyMark High Spots to hear what is happening in your neck of the woods. Take care !