Friday, December 5, 2014

OSU Soybean Performance

The 2014 Ohio State University Soybean Performance Trial results are out.  It looks like we may indeed have a winner with the new Clermont soybeans introduced by the university last year.  Their single year and combined results are impressive.

Clermont is a new 3.9 soybean for the southern tier.  I was impressed with them the first time I walked them in the summer of 2013.  I knew I had to try them.

I did try them this year and they looked good from the day they emerged.  They are just one of those good thriving soybean varieties here and the results in the links proves their potential.  It's really good when a bean looks good and the performance matches their looks.

If you can plant a 3.9 non GMO soybean, I encourage you to try them.  I can connect you with my local soybean seed provider if you are interested.

Look at the yield range from top to bottom!  There is a huge difference between the top yielding soybean and the lowest yielding soybean in these trials.  It behooves the farmer to really seek out the best varieties for his farm!

I have a leg up on you, I walk seed varieties every year and follow their performance.  You need to find someone you trust who does what I get to do.  There are many good people out there but many are stuck selling what they raise or what their employer raises or recommends.  I don't have to do that.  I find them and try them on my own farm.

Consider Clermont soybeans in your lineup next year.  I think they have earned their place to be there.

Don't forget today is World Soil Day.  It doesn't matter what you plant if you don't know your soil.

Ed Winkle

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