Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eastern Crop Tour

We just completed a 1200 mile trip through Pennsylvania to New York, back to southern Michigan, far eastern Indiana and down through corn country at Bryan, Ohio, south to home.  I don't remember any better crops in those areas since I have been scouting.  We have an excellent crop coming in this region.

The rain just never shuts off this year and everyone hopes it doesn't in August.  There is too much rain in many places but not enough to destroy the crop or lower expectations overall.  The market is expecting a big crop and I think they are going to get one.

We got back home and could not believe how much our garden grew in five short days.  Actually they were very long days for us but you get my drift.  We have sweet corn in tassle shooting ears, peas ready to pick and blooms on everything else.  It's been a great growing month.

I just downloaded 52 pictures from our jaunt and sent them to a few of you who converse with me regularly.  I will explain them over the next week and use some for pictures on this blog.  It was good to see family and friends in our quick journey.  It is difficult to keep up with all of you!

Yesterday we saw a new egg laying operation being built in Ohio that will house 7 million birds in 3 decks per building in 16 barns.  A conveyor will bring litter and eggs to the end of each building and the litter will go one direction and the eggs the other.  They will grind 13,000 bushels of corn per day so it will change economics in that county.

American agriculture is going strong in the U.S. and in our region.  It is the bright spot of our economy right now.

Ed Winkle


  1. Ed Ag. is going strong in Ontario also but we may not like the ending as like your 7 million egg laying facility we are quickly moving towards a hand ful of concentrated farms in each twp., can't think that is good for society as a whole - regards-kevin

  2. I hear you Kevin. Ag outgrew GDP by times time last year in the states.


  3. That should be six times national gdp. Did you see gdp was also off 2.9% in the first quarter???

    Not good, really not good and it was not all about the weather in my opinion.